Blogging Again!

The old blog was a set of Python scripts cobbled together with more expedience than elegance. I had a look, and frankly that stuff scares me. Rather than patch it up again, I’ve stuffed a WordPress install on here. Pros: One-click install! Easy! No Stress!. Cons: PHP. I mean, really. Also, there’s a database under the covers somewhere. I refuse to look. The old Python stuff was at least devoid of such nonsense.

I’m doing this because we had an awesome weekend, and I wanted to write about it. Facebook doesn’t work for longer-form things, and I don’t trust them. Since I have a perfectly good domain, I decided to use it.

Installing WordPress was wonderfully simple – one click, done. Changing the header image to one of mine was a little harder:

  1. Create Subversion repository on server
  2. Import all WordPress stuff into repository
  3. Sluck the code over the wire to a local copy
  4. Find an image I liked
  5. Edit and crop image
  6. Add image to SVN, commit
  7. Update server-side from SVN
  8. Remember that it’s Just Not That Easy, check code out, move directories around, update with new file. Success. Yay.
  9. Rootle around in guts of WordPress Theme to find out how to change header image
  10. PHP. Damn.
  11. Find relevant bit. Yes, it’s configured in the database.
  12. Carefully bolt the code back together. Close lid. Discard parts left over.
  13. Log in to adminĀ  site and change header.

So. Yes. 1-click, if you can keep your fingers out of the workings. *Sigh*.

On the plus side, I have the whole thing under version control, so I should be able to recover from the inevitable screw-ups.

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