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Achoerodus viridis

This fish was a familiar friend at the reef off Shelly Beach at Fairy Bower in Manly. Interesting reproductive strategy. There are around 8 smaller (female) fish – about 750mm-1m long, maybe 8-10kg in the group, and always one huge … Continue reading

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So why the hell did we move to Brisbane?

When we first considered migrating from the balmy shores of North Europe, we did a sensible, objective, logical analysis of what we wanted. This came down to: Warm Politically stable A remarkably small number of countries tick these two seemingly-simple … Continue reading

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I know a country without a name. It spans continents, is home to millions and I have lived there. The citizens speak many languages, claim many cultures and, between them, eat anything. It is a nation of Capitals – official … Continue reading

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Friday. Beer has been consumed. So, a picture with no narrative. In this picture you will find: – One gravitationally bound thermonuclear reactor (hidden behind an ice cloud) – One refracted (diffracted?) image of the same thermonuclear reactor – One … Continue reading

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Sydney makes you fat. My preferred forms of of physical exercise are sailing, surfing and cycling. That limited us to other people’s boats, Manly beach and Sydney roads. We didn’t really pursue the boats option as keenly as we might … Continue reading

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Artistic Appreciation

I wasn’t joking. We have hundreds of shots from Sydney, and I will keep posting them until I receive enough positive feedback. If you ever want to see a picture of Brisbane, you’d better make with the comments. Be warned … Continue reading

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Pictures of Sydney

In the extended hiatus in my blogging activity, I’ve acquired a colossal backlog of pictures. Before moving on to more current subjects, I feel it is nothing less than my duty to share these over the coming days, weeks and … Continue reading

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Blogging Again!

The old blog was a set of Python scripts cobbled together with more expedience than elegance. I had a look, and frankly that stuff scares me. Rather than patch it up again, I’ve stuffed a WordPress install on here. Pros: … Continue reading

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