Deception Bay

Bit of a catastrophe last night – ran out of wine, and had to buy a bottle at full retail price. Off to Vintage Cellars this morning, then. One benefit of owning a car is that I don’t have to carry a 12-pack of wine all the way home. This is negated by not being able to do any wine tasting. The Sensible Drinker tried a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, and pronounced it to be reminiscent of nettles, chillies and feline effluvia. I was not able to offer any other perspective. Since she says that about every Sav Blanc she tastes, I feel that little was learned. Back over the bridge, down to Buranda for some shopping and home again. Busy we are, of a Saturday Morning.

Half an hour later we’re in the monster truck, bikes in the back and headed North. We are investigating the whole of the Moreton Bay Cycle Path. This endeavour would be somewhat easier if the track were either complete or continuous. As it is, we’re selecting sections that are long enough to justify the journey, and trucking the bikes to them in turn.

Deception Bay is a small town about 30kms North of Brisbane. I’m not sure that’s far enough. We stumbled on a very convenient parking spot right by the cycle path, hopped on our bikes and pottered off. The path is lovely, new, well maintained and runs along the bay and through some woodlands. It has dogs. Many, many dogs. These run the full spectrum from “large, amiable mutts” to “nasty, yappy runts”. Few have owners who seem to care. The dogs treat cyclists as a welcome break from the usual chore of chasing pelicans. Speaking of which – PELICANS! also, a heron. Pictures below. The bay is a Mangrove Swamp. It’s broad, shallow, and exudes a miasma of decay. Overall, not really our sort of place. Additionally, I shall not be a snob by alluding to the ratio of blazers to string vests. That would be cheap.

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