Kangaroos and Camels and Rheas

I gave the Serious Photographer a new lens for her birthday. As a side-effect, I was allowed to play with her other camera on our trip to the zoo. While she raves on about lens speed, f-stops and bokeh, I’m going to show you some pictures of kangaroos. And a rhea. And a camel. And, possibly a Himalayan tahr.

The zoo is about 30kms north of Brisbane. It’s not huge, but the lush vegetation and mature trees make walking around an adventure – you never know what’s around the next corner. The animals are healthy, well cared-for and appear unstressed. There are a couple of areas where you can interact with some rather blasé animals. We spent almost half an hour in an area with some kangaroos, wallabies and rheas. The kangaroos were astonishing. They were totally calm as over-excited children tried to feed them. With so many nutritious Complete Marsupial Diet Pellets on offer, the poor beasts looked as though they craved something that didn’t taste like muesli. Absent any garlic or chilli in my pockets, I fell back on my good looks, natural charm and winning smile to gain their trust. That, and the fact that they are far too lazy to move. Pictures below – these are worth clicking on.

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